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Load Testing

Our functional load testing solution is designed to give you a view of exactly how your new system will behave in the live environment. If you are deploying business applications running Citrix, Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, Java, .NET, Client Server, RDP, or Custom Apps. Learn more…

If you are a healthcare organization upgrading solutions such as Eclipsys, Cerner, McKesson, Meditech, GE Healthcare, Epic, etc. Learn more…

Testing the Cloud

Whether you are migrating to cloud infrastructure, or just want to use cloud infrastructure to execute your test, our agentless, secure, and protocol independent solutions are just what you need. Learn more…

Load Testing with AppLoader

Application Monitoring with AppsWatch

Application Performance Management

Our performance testing solution tackles the ultimate performance monitoring challenge: Measuring availability and response times of ANY application from the END USER’s perspective. Learn more…

Continuous Testing

AppVerify allows you to do continuous automated regression and security testing as part of the DevOps lifecycle. Learn more…

Full Service Solution

We offer full service solutions to cover your entire test: complete from defining test strategy to analyzing results. Learn more…

ScenarioBuilder Demo

Learn how ScenarioBuilder works

Load Testing with AppLoader

See how to run a load test with AppLoader

APM with AppsWatch

Learn about AppsWatch for performance monitoring