Testing Oracle Applications: The Biggest Challenges Faced When Load Testing Oracle Applications
June 30, 2016
Testing Oracle Applications: How to Set Up a Load Test on an Oracle Application
June 30, 2016
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Testing Oracle Applications: Why You Need to Load Test Oracle Applications

Oracle Application Testing

When you are preparing web applications and Oracle packaged applications into a live environment, there are multiple things that you need to consider. One thing that requires the attention of both developers and IT people is how well the application performs when it is under stress.

Until you actually put the application under stress, you do not know what the experience will be like for your users when they are trying to access the application. There are many cases where an Oracle application works great when a few developers are trying it out, but once the application goes live and fifty people try and use it at the same time, the application slows down dramatically.

This can be a potentially disastrous situation. A poor performing application means lost productivity. This frustrates the users of the application, hurts customer service and ultimately eats away at the bottom line. Once the application is live, taking it offline to make the necessary adjustments is frustrating for the people now relying on the application.

So the cost of not adequately testing the performance of your application under stress before launching can be very high. If you choose not to appropriately load test your application, you are taking a huge risk.

The benefits of load testing are many. If you properly load test and adjust your Oracle application, then you will increase the likelihood that it will perform well when it is used my many users at the same time. This means maximum productivity and customer service, which is great for your bottom line.

Many businesses understand these benefits, but are reluctant to load test because of the high costs associated with traditional load testers. Many load testers are expensive, take too much time to set up and execute load tests, and don’t give useful data.

AppLoader is a load tester that addresses these problems and allows you to load test your Oracle applications in a fast, affordable fashion. AppLoader requires no special coding. In fact, all you need to do is tell AppLoader which application you would like to test, tell it how much stress it should put on the application, and allow it to run.

Tests that can take months to perform with other load testers take hours with AppLoader. AppLoader is protocol independent, so you can use it to test all of your applications, even applications that do not run on Oracle.

With a load tester like AppLoader on the market, there is no reason not to load test your applications before going live. The risks of not doing so are too great.