Testing Java Applications: How to Create a Load Test Scenario for Your Java Applications
June 30, 2016
Testing Java Applications: Biggest Challenges When Load Testing Java Applications
June 30, 2016
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Testing Java Applications: How to Load Test Java Applications

Java Application Testing

If your organization deploys Java applications, you expect to be able to take advantage of its efficient, secure, dynamic programming. Java applications are capable of running on multiple devices, which is convenient for the users in your organization. Basing your Java applications on your own servers or on the cloud allows them to be accessed remotely.

A problem that comes up with Java applications is performance when they are under heavy use. When high loads of users attempt to run your Java applications, it is possible for those applications to underperform (aka run agonizingly slow). This can be annoying or outright disastrous, especially if the application is a critical one for your organization.

Therefore, before launching or updating a Java application, you need to simulate how the application will perform when it is being used. Ideally, you should simulate from the end-users perspective. After all, the end-users will ultimately be the ones experiencing the application. Getting data on how the application performs from this perspective will be the most useful for your testing purposes.

Selecting a load tester, setting up the load test, and executing the load test from the end-user’s perspective is challenging using traditional means because traditional load testers by their very nature are expensive and slow. If you have done any kind of research into load testing for your Java applications, you know what I’m talking about here.

The best load testing solution on the market today is AppLoader. AppLoader is designed to test your Java applications from the end-user’s perspective much more effectively and efficiently than other load testers. AppLoader simply outperforms the competition. It’s the affordable solution to your load testing needs.

When you invest in a load tester like AppLoader, you streamline the load testing process. You can be sure that your load tests will give you relevant data and that the tests will be completed in a much shorter timeframe than other load testers. This minimizes the time to market of your Java application.

If you set up and execute your load tests using AppLoader, you can launch a Java application with confidence. The users of that application will be able to use the application in the way that the application was meant to be used. This is good for your bottom line and for the overall well-being of your organization.