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June 30, 2016
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June 30, 2016
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Talisma Load Testing: 5 Things to Know Before Load Testing Talisma Systems

Talisma Application Testing

Load testing your Talisma system before going live will save you time and money. A system that performs slow when it is being used by multiple users simultaneously is frustrating for students and faculty. Load testing is the best way to prevent this from happening. By simulating the stresses that your system will be under when it goes live, you can do the prep work to prevent slowdowns.

Here are five things to know before load testing Talisma systems. These five things will ensure that your load tests get you the results you want with the least cost and in the least amount of time.

1. Because Talisma runs on different types on devices, you need to load test from the end-user’s point of view.

One of the strengths of Talisma is that it is customized for each type of device that users access digital content on. Whether it is a traditional computer, a smart phone or a tablet, Talisma functions well. Because it can be accessed from all these different devices, it is especially important to load test from the end user’s point of view.

By load testing from the end users point of view, you can see how the application will perform under different levels of stress in the way that the user will actually experience it. This gives you critical insights into where the problems with your set up are. You will be able to effectively identify and clear up bottlenecks if you test and get data from the end users point of view.

2. Costs can easily spiral out of control.

Unfortunately, load testing can be expensive. When you add together the cost of the load tester, setting up the load test, licensing fees, and consulting fees, your bank account is in danger of feeling some serious pain. Many companies skimp on the load testing in order to avoid these high costs.

Not all load testers are expensive like this. You want to select a load tester that is an affordable piece of software, capable of testing on multiple types of applications to avoid licensing fees, and simple enough to avoid high labor costs and consulting fees.

3. Select a load tester that performs load tests fast.

Another common complaint about load testing is that takes a long time to set up and execute a load test. This is certainly a problem with many load testers. A load test that takes a long time to set up and execute means that the launch of your Talisma system is delayed. Time is money.

You need to avoid load testers that take a long time to set up and execute.

4. Your stress estimates may be off.

A common mistake that companies make when they’re load testing their applications is that they only load test for the expected level of stress. While that is an important test to conduct, it is certainly possible that your estimate of how much stress the application be under will be off. This is why you need to test for not only for the expected level of stress but also for a higher than expected level of stress.

You should select a load tester that is capable of conducting multiple load tests at different levels of stress quickly and effectively.

5. Getting the right performance data is critical to the load test’s success.

Testing from the end users point of view will give you the best possible data. When selecting a load tester, however, it is important to look into exactly how the data is presented. You want to select a load tester that presents the data in a way that allows you to quickly identify where the bottlenecks are that you need to correct.

The best Talisma load tester on the market today is AppLoader. AppLoader is affordable, effective, and efficient. It tests from the end users point of view, is affordable, fast, and flexible. If you are a higher education institution setting up a new Talisma system, then investing in AppLoader will save you time and money. It will give you the confidence that your students and faculty will receive all the benefits that they expect from your Talisma system.