Availability Monitoring, IT System Management: Chroniker

Availability Monitoring, Alerting, and Reporting

Watching, notifying, and delivering confidence for application, network, database, and system health

Chroniker is an affordable response time and availability monitoring suite for fundamental monitoring and reporting on network components, websites, databases, crucial user tasks, system health, and application transaction response times. Loaded with smart features Chroniker is an essential monitoring tool set for IT system management.

  • Vital availability metrics in one view
  • Web based and Agent-less
  • Measures response time to the millisecond
  • Supports multiple concurrent users
  • "Auto-Discovers" your Nodes
  • Easy to Install and Use
  • Flexible and Scalable

The Chroniker Suite is organized by module, each monitoring from a different perspective:

View real time business dashboards of your metrics organized the way you want them: by business or geographically, or server type, etc. more...


Monitor CPU, memory, disk space, files, processes and applications — from the operating system perspective more...


Monitor response time of your Mailserver, FTP, LDAP, DNS tests, etc, by running user defined tasks.


Monitor availability and response time of your servers, routers, and other systems — from the network layer perspective, more…


Monitor devices via SNMP for information on hardware failures, server temperature, traffic errors, etc. more...