Silverlight Load Testing: Challenges of Load Testing Silverlight Applications
June 30, 2016
Silverlight Load Testing: How to Load Test Silverlight Applications
June 30, 2016
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Silverlight Load Testing: Apploader vs Other Load Testers

Silverlight Application Testing

Fulfilling your Silverlight load testing needs requires you to select a good load tester. Unfortunately, many organizations and companies are frustrated with their load testing operations because the load testers on the market today can be frustratingly expensive and slow. However, their problems go even deeper.

The Problems of Most Load Testers

Silverlight applications can run on a multitude of platforms. For example, you can run Silverlight applications on the cloud, on Citrix, or on Oracle. Silverlight applications are accessed by desktops, tablets, and mobile devices. This poses a challenge for many load testers.

This is because many load testers on the market are not protocol independent. With these load testers, you have to purchase expensive licensing fees. When you are load testing different Silverlight applications on different platforms, these licensing fees can really add up.

Beyond the sheer cost, the special coding and set up required for these different load tests dramatically lengthens the time of your load testing. Most load testers are notorious for taking so long to set up and execute that the launch of your application is seriously delayed.

Obviously the longer it takes for your application to launch, the longer it takes for users of the application to experience its benefits. In some cases, load testing is so frustratingly slow that organizations forgo it all together. This can have disastrous results when the application does not perform when it is under stress.

Most Silverlight load testers on the market today simply are not up to the task. If you are interested in load testing your Silverlight applications at an affordable cost in the least amount of time, then you need to look elsewhere.

How AppLoader is Different

AppLoader is a load tester which tests your Silverlight applications quickly, affordably, and effectively. It avoids the problems that plague other load testers on the market and gives you a pleasant load testing experience.

One distinct advantage of AppLoader is that it is protocol independent. AppLoader looks at the bitmaps on the screen, which means it can test your Silverlight applications on all types of platforms. This avoids licensing fees and gives you a lot of flexibility to test out your Silverlight applications.

Setting up and executing load tests on AppLoader is simple and fast. All you need to do is tell AppLoader what application you would like to test and what level stress to put it under. Setting up and executing load tests for different levels of stress is easy. All tests are conducted from the end users point of view. All of this means that you will be able to conduct a wide range of load tests that give you useful data which you can use to make adjustments to your application.

The end result is that you can feel confident when you launch your Silverlight applications. You can feel confident that they will perform the way that you expect them to perform. You can feel confident that your users will get the experience that you want them to get. You can feel confident that you are able to spend more time on developing and improving new Silverlight applications rather than worrying about your old ones.

That is what selecting a good load tester Ike AppLoader can do for you.