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Capgemini offers IT consulting and outsourcing services for companies in various industries and business verticals. During initial stages of development, high cost and complexity of “traditional” load testing solutions ultimately lead to roadblocks.  These aspects often prohibited the team and their customers from load testing. These factors meant that the potential cost of load testing services was often prohibitive for both Capgemini and its customers.

Seeking a more lightweight, less expensive option, Capgemini turned to NRG Global’s AppLoader to test a wide breadth of applications. With AppLoader, Capgemini’s Industrial Services Team consistently saves on costs, has better project completion time, improved customer satisfaction, among other benefits.

Capgemini’s France load testing practice has chosen AppLoader as its tool of choice due to numerous beneficial results following extensive usage across multiple projects. AppLoader is one of the few testing solutions that can handle multiple application architecture, allowing Capgemini to fat-client, web, and Citrix-delivered services from the end-user’s perspective.

Customer Satisfaction

After testing with AppLoader, it was shown that customer satisfaction was at 94% - the highest customer and client satisfaction level across the Industrialization segment.

Faster Project Completion

The Industrial Services team has reported saving 150 man-days by using NRG Global's products when compared to more heavyweight solutions. Creating scenarios and scripts takes far less time as it does not require extensive programming.

Better Project Planning Predictability

The team has also been able to meet deadlines ahead of schedule leading to project bonuses. Downtime is lessened, projects are done on time, and productivity is increased. More time is available to address issues, find solutions, and plan future work.

Penalty Free Projects

The efficiency of AppLoader has positively affected Capgemini’s margins by avoiding late delivery penalties.


 The case study was conducted by Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), a leading industry analyst firm providing deep insight across IT and data management technologies. Click here to download the case study. 

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Load testing should be done throughout a project versus at the very end of the project. By that time, the system architecture has been established and infrastructure deployments have been designed and acquired. It's too late to modify an architecture once everything is in place. It's far earlier and cheaper to modify it early in the lifecycle.

- Olivier Carton, Capgemini France