Performance Testing and Monitoring: AppsWatch

Keep all your critical applications performing as expected - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Application performance and response time monitoring for Citrix, PeopleSoft, Windows, client server, Oracle, Siebel, SAP, web, custom apps and more…
Do you know how slow systems applications are affecting your operations?


The sales team can't log into the CRM system; accounting complains about slow performance during mornings. Slow application performance can have a significant impact on staff productivity, customer satisfaction, and your bottom line. Yet, conventional monitoring tools detect problems just one fifth of the time — and most IT departments learn about performance issues from end user calls to the help desk.

AppsWatch presents a new approach to tackle the ultimate performance monitoring challenge, measuring availability and response times of any application from the perspective that matters most — that of the end user. With this affordable and accurate solution, you can keep a close eye on app performance, and identify and resolve any degradation in performance before it impacts your business.


  • Test any application, any environment: With its unique protocol-independent technology, AppsWatch can test any Windows-based client application, without any plug-ins or special components. Click here to learn more.
  • Most accurate response time monitoring tool on the market: AppsWatch simulates real user activity, and doesn't rely on deductions or calculations based on network activity. And AppsWatch does not intrude on the end user's desktop to hamper their productivity.
  • Absolutely no scripting required: With AppsWatch, you don't need to spend days developing complex test scripts or be an expert in code. The intuitive ScenarioBuilder makes it easy to create any sequence of end user actions. You'll be up and running in no time.
  • Get regular analysis and SLA reports: Powerful dashboards and reporting show you what matters most. Toggle between annual, monthly, daily, hourly, even 10-minute data at the click of the mouse. Automatically generate top (n) reports: 10 slowest tasks per month, 10 least available tasks per month, etc.
  • Proactive performance monitoring — 24 hours a day: AppsWatch continuously monitors an application's performance to proactively identify degrading performance before it impacts your employees or customers. This means problems can be identified at any time of the day, even when users aren't present.
  • Troubleshoot problems in minutes, not days: AppsWatch's unique front-end approach measures response time across every step of a task — so you'll know exactly where an application fails or underperforms. And, it even correlates slow response times with back-end events, so you can immediately know if the problem is the application, network, or database

" Before AppsWatch, trying to locate the source of the problem typically entailed days of consultation with several departments and multiple vendors. We found we were not able to react effec­tively to performance issues, much less be proactive about them. "


Robert Goodhand, Director of Special Projects, Information Technology at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences