Load Testing with AppLoader


Install the three AppLoader software components: the Controller, the Injector and ScenarioBuilder. After installation, open the AppLoader Controller and create and start 15 rUsers for a load test.


Create a scenario which opens AA.com, uses parameterized values to search for airline flights, and selects a departure and return flight utilizing ScenarioBuilder's rich assortment of features including Components, Transactions, Rendezvous Points and On Failure.


Open the AppLoader Controller and create a Test Plan using AppLoader's flexible interface. Configure load test parameters such as scenario iterations, concurrent rUsers, ramp-up time, steady state time and more.


Description: Execution Flows are used in AppLoader to line up test plans and play them sequentially. This feature provides an additional layer of automation in the test design and implementation processes.


AppLoader compiles performance data and reports test results in a variety of ways, including custom graphing, statistical analysis, data exportation, and error and failure screenshots.


In order for multiple user accounts to login simultaneously on the AppLoader Injector server, Remote Desktop Services must be enabled. Use the 120-day grace period to allow your Windows server to accept connections from unlicensed clients without contacting a license server.