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Customers and References


NRG Global appreciates the positive feedback our clients have shared about some of the benefits we have been able to provide.  The references below contain case studies and testimonials about real customer experiences based on implementations of NRG Global's products and services.

  Technology Services EDS- United States  



Solution: AppLoader for Healthcare

"Load testing is absolutely essential. Without AppLoader's thorough testing, it simply would not have been possible to put a key application into production for North Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services.  AppLoader helped us to identify hardware and software deficiencies prior to implementation. The tool's unique  ability to interface directly with our application was crucial, as the project schedule simply couldn't afford the delays associated with developing a wrapper and determining how other load testing solutions could interface with our system."

View full case study here. 

Valerie Cooper, Project Director, EDS, an HP Company   


  Education Corinthian Colleges, Inc.- United States  

Solution: AppLoader

"AppLoader's versatility and easy integration across multiple platforms and applications has been the reason for our success. Besides using it to load test our Citrix and web applications, we have come to depend on AppLoader for automated regression testing and backend stress testing.

Three years ago, 40 analysts were doing the job of AppLoader. The tool has freed up a lot of our resources and time.
We are now able to provide testing results in a matter of hours. AppLoader has become a very crucial part of our process."

 View full case study here.

Rey Biedgoly, Lead QA Engineer, Corinthian Colleges, Inc.  


  Financial Services CompuCredit- United States  


Solution: AppLoader and Consulting

"After evaluating a few different load testing products, we chose AppLoader for its turnkey service package and ready to use hardware configuration. AppLoader matched the demand we required for stress testing the performance of our Oracle application before moving it to a public cloud.

NRG Global's consultants were able to quickly learn our environment and perform testing independently in a matter of days without any hand holding or project management on our part."

View full case study here.  

Kas Naderi- CIO, CompuCredit Corporation, Auto Division     


  Information Technology CACI- United States  

Solution: AppLoader

"I didn't have much programming experience and I found Apploader to be very intuitive and easy to use. 
With the help of NRG Global's excellent support, I was always able to simulate scenarios that we needed to test thoroughly.

Thanks again for all your help! If I need to test another application, I'll be sure to call you guys first."

Tony Dow, Systems Administrator, CACI Knowledge & Administration Management Division  


  Education UCLA- United States  

Solution: AppsWatch

"AppsWatch shows me exactly how users see our Citrix applications.  Thanks to NRG Global and AppsWatch, we are able to detect degrading performance before it leads to problems." 

Ken Davis, IT Manager, UCLA  


  Transportation MTA- United States  

Solution: AppsWatch

"AppsWatch is the only solution that would work with our critical business application built on multiple technologies.  Getting performance metrics from the End User perspective has become invaluable information."

Frederick Saint-Cyr, Los Angeles Metro, Metropolitan Transportation Authority  


  Education UAMS- United States  

Solution: AppsWatch

 "Before AppsWatch, trying to locate the source of the problem typically entailed days of consultation with several departments and multiple vendors. We found that we were not able to react effectively to performance issues, much less be proactive about them. With AppsWatch this is possible in a matter of minutes."

Robert Goodhand, Director of Special Projects, IT at University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences  


  Aerospace NASA- United States  

Solution: LogWatch

"The audit with our division mentioned that LogWatch meets and exceeds our requirement for log management and centralized monitoring at this time".

Zhengwei Yu, NASA  


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Our customers represent a diverse pool of well-known private and public organizations worldwide — including leaders in healthcare, finance, manufacturing, education, retail, and government. Fortune 500 and SMBs alike have found that NRG solutions ensure the performance of their critical applications and make their businesses run smoothly. We appreciate the confidence that every organization has put in us, and will continue to work hard to deliver the best technologies to help each organization meet their business objectives.